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 Main Bar & Ordering Station
Albus Dumbledore
 Posted: Nov 14 2016, 07:15 PM

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Stop by for a snack to eat or just to chat, either really works. Over here is where the proprietor will usually be found serving guests. If you look behind him you'll see the food items and their prices though the menu does tell you the same thing. Feel free to flip through one to find something that you want to eat. Did you look it over but can't find what you want? Let Val know and he'll try to incorporate it into the menu. Val would also like to let children know that they are not allowed to order firewhiskey or anything with alcohol and should an adult do so to give to a child, you will be kicked out of the bar - Val can promise that.

So take a seat at the stools and order up. It might take a while but he will get back to you. If you also request a room or private parlor, over here is the place to do so where he will let you know the pricing of each - he doesn't let people take over rooms for free. Private parlors are for meetings and business related affairs, they will be closed for anything else and are free to use when one has a key to the parlor.

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