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 SoH update 2016, launch January 2017
Albus Dumbledore
 Posted: Nov 14 2016, 06:06 PM

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I don't know how many of you or if all of us are from Hogwarts Online. I'm getting the impression that Crystal is leaving, and I encourage all of you to bring your friends here. We can resume over here. We used to be quite a large site and I'd love to see the site grow again. We were reduced to really only 4 of us and we all moved to HO.

SoH started way back in 2008 when a number of us decided to get together to form a site off of Snitchseeker. We've grown over the years and moved to 3 different hosts and now are settled on JCink.

Many things we've had in the past have changed. This time around? A huge change is happening and that is:
[*]Thea is headmaster/mistress
[*]Liz is head of St. Mungo's
[*]Becky is staying as Ministry head and Minister
[*]the year might be changing and adjusting a bit for canon if this is decided
[*]Academies are put aside for the time being
[*]Kristin is shopkeeper head
[*]We'd love to have Jay and Tara back but I'm not pushing towards them
[*]All staff at the moment are retired. Just post here with position/name you want to bring back, except academies
[*]We're likely going to move students as well so we have an idea of students coming back
[*]Do we want canon?
[*]If changes need doing, like your dropping the charrie I listed, post too
[*]We're leaving Hogsmeade for now, just RP'd not staffed

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Headmaster/mistress Thea
Deputy Headmaster/headmistress Kristin
Detention head OPEN

Ravenclaw Head of House OPEN
Hufflepuff Head of House OPEN
Gryffindor Head of House Kristin
Slytherin Head of House OPEN

Ancient Runes OPEN
Aritmancy OPEN
Astronomy OPEN
Care of Magical Creatures Kathryn Grayson (Liz)
Charms OPEN
Defense Against the Dark Arts Adam Reynolds (Kristin)
Divination OPEN
Herbology OPEN
History of Magic OPEN
Muggle Studies OPEN
Potions OPEN
Transfiguration OPEN

Librarian OPEN
Healer OPEN Becky?
Caretaker OPEN
Groundskeeper OPEN

DIAGON ALLEY (more can be added)
Gringotts Grizzle (Liz)
Flourish & Blotts Niniane Charles (Kristin)
Florean Fortesques OPEN
Ollivanders Willow Reeves (Liz)
Madam Malkins OPEN
Leaky Cauldron OPEN
Magical Menagerie OPEN
Eeylops Owl Emporium OPEN

Minister Daniel Reeves (Becky)
Senior Undersecretary OPEN
MLE Dept Head Becca Yenorin (Becky)
A&C Dept Head Gidyun Yenorin (Liz)
IMC Dept Head OPEN
MT Dept Head Isabella Kensington (Kristin)
G&S Dept Head OPEN
Maintenance Dept Head OPEN
Mysteries Dept Head Alexandrina Stevens

Head Healer Jordan Stevens (Liz)
Welcome Witch OPEN
Magical Artifact Accidents OPEN
Magical Creature Induced Injuries OPEN
Magical Bugs & Diseases OPEN
Magical Potions and Plants Poisonings Laurel Blackpool (Kristin)
Spell Damage OPEN
Emergency Room OPEN
Maternity Ward OPEN
Pediatric Ward OPEN
Tea room and Gift Shop OPEN

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